What To do in Jakarta

Selamat datang di Jakarta! If you come from Soekarno Hatta International Airport (Cengkareng), you will take about one hour to arrive at Central Jakarta. On the way, you will see how busy this city is.

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and is the most populous city in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia. This city is the center of business and government of Indonesia, so it is not surprising that Jakarta is so busy for 24 hours all day long. Because of the bustle of the city, the need for a place of entertainment has become one of the important needs.

There are some recreation or entertainment places you can try to visit in this capital city of Indonesia, such as:

Monas Recreation (National Monument)

Monas is an icon of Jakarta city, so do not forget to visit this place. The monument is located in the middle of Merdeka Square in Central Jakarta and is near the State Palace. This monument is a memorial monument with a height of 132 meters in the area of 80 hectares. This monument is topped by a flame that is covered with gold foil.

monas-what to do in jakarta


What you can do here is to take a walk to enjoy the beautiful grassy park and the cool shade of trees. You can also learn about Indonesian history in this museum or go up to the top of Monas by using a lift. This museum is open every day from 8 am to 3 pm.

Tour of The Old Town ‘Kota Tua’

In here is stored the old atmosphere of some old buildings from the colonial era of Indonesia. The name of this place is Kota Tua (Old Town) which used to be called as Old Batavia. The total area of this place is only 1.3 kilometers. Kota Tua becomes the favorite place for tourists who come to Jakarta because you can add your collection of photos with old buildings as the background.

kota tua-what to do in jakarta


You can also expand your knowledge about Indonesian history by visiting some museums that are located at Kota Tua, such as Fatahillah Museum, Bank Indonesia Museum, Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics and more. For the culinary, you will see various traditional dishes of Batavia such as gado-gado, egg crust, coffee shops and several cafés that served many types of food.

See The Animals Indonesia at Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo was established in 1864 which is the first zoo in Indonesia. Ragunan Zoo has a total area of 147 hectares and is located at Harsono Road 1, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Because of its strategic location, a lot of public transportation pass this zoo. The zoo is open from 9 am to 6 pm.

ragunan zoo-what to do in jakarta


In this wildlife park, there are many kinds of animals and plants that always protect this area from the scorching sun so that this area remains cool. This zoo keeps a lot of animals such as reptiles, birds, primates, mammals and other animals. Because this place is very spacious, you can use the tourist train to tour around the zoo.

See All of Beautiful Indonesia Destinations in Miniature Park

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park is a recreational park that was established with the purpose of providing a place to relax with family and friends. The culture-themed park has an area of 150 hectares and is one of the largest recreational parks in Indonesia.

tmii-what to do in jakarta


You can see the miniature of the Indonesian archipelago, the typical culture of each region in Indonesia, the traditional dances and traditional clothes, and also some museums. There are also houses of worship which were inaugurated by the Indonesian government.

For recreation, there is a castle of Indonesian children, cable car, swan boat, snow day, various gardens and also a theater.

Tour The History at Sunda Kelapa Harbor

If you are bored with the bustling city of Jakarta, you can come to the Sunda Kelapa. Sunda Kelapa is an old harbor that is located in Penjaringan, North Jakarta and has an area of 760 hectares. This place is quite unique because beside that this place is entertaining, you will also gain knowledge about the history of Indonesia’s maritime and also the colonial historical heritage of Dutch here.

sunda kelapa-what to do in Jakarta


There is a maritime museum here which contains Indonesian maritime historical heritage and even in the south of the harbor, there still is a colonial Dutch shipyard and some old buildings that have been renovated. If the weather is fine, do not forget to capture your moments with a backdrop of old buildings and wooden ships.

Car Free Day

Sunday is the best day to enjoy the city of Jakarta because it is a car free day. Car Free Day is carried out along the road from Sudirman Road to Thamrin Road. It closed the main roads of Jakarta and cleared out all the cars for the pedestrians to do some jogging, running or riding a bike while enjoying the morning air. Car Free Day is held every Sunday from 6 to 11 am.

car free day-what to do in jakarta


Ancol Recreation

Ancol is the most popular recreational place in Indonesia, because there are many exciting rides, such as Fantasy Land (Dufan) which provides you some adventures that will get your adrenaline going, Ocean Ecopark which is an area that is often used for concerts of local and international artists, Atlantis Water Adventure that provides a wide variety of water rides and Ocean Dream Samudra where it often holds an exciting attraction show and many other performances. There is also an art market where some exhibitions usually take place and the haunted house.

ancol-what to do in jakarta


There are five beautiful beaches in Ancol that you can visit, such as Pantai Indah, Pantai Elok, Pantai Festival, Pantai Ria and Pantai Carnival Beach Club.

Going to Antiques Market

For you all the lovers of antiques, you must stop at the Surabaya Road. They’re lined up shops that sell antiques. The antiques that are available such as classic vinyl records, antique lamps, ceramics, wood sculptures, puppets and various historic ancient objects. The antique market is located in the downtown of Jakarta. You can take a taxi, Bajai or bemo to go to this market. Along the Surabaya Road, there are lots of trees that keeps this place cool.

surabaya road-what to do in jakarta


Trying some unique public transportations

If you are too tired to walk, you can try to use some unique Jakarta transportations. One of them is delman, which is a two-wheeled carriage drawn by a horse. delman is driven by a coachman. You can find the delmands at the National Monument, Palmerah, Tanah Abang, Jati Petamburan and some other places.

delaman-what to do in jakarta

(Delman) photo:www.jakartabytrain.com


There is also bemo or becak motor which is a three-wheeled vehicle that looks like a mini bus and is used like a collecting taxi. Bemo is really popular in Indonesia. It has a superiority than other transportations because it can reach narrow streets. Bemo is also practical because the passengers can ride it from its rear.

bemo-what to do in jakarta


Another unique vehicle is bajaj. Bajaj is just like a bemo, but it is smaller and can only carry two passengers. The passengers usually enter it through the left door. The characteristics of bajaj are its plastic sheet as cover, blue-colored or orange-colored and its shape that is familiar to three-wheeled Vespa.

Explore The Culinary on Sabang Road

In addition to visiting those places above, you have to try the unique culinary of Jakarta that are widely available on the streets, such as ketoprak, pickles, egg crust and others. There are also many local and international foods.All of that can be found on the streets of Sabang, which is open in the morning until the night. But start in the evening there will be more food tent at the edge of the road that you must try.

sabang culinary-what to do in jakarta

Nasi goreng gila-Sabang
photo by Dennie Benedict

Those are some things that you can do when you come to Jakarta. You can also try the favorite place that many Jakarta residents visit every weekend like Puncak, Bogor. There you can enjoy the natural and beautiful scenery, cold air, tea gardens, and colorful lake.

Or if you prefer to do some water tourism, you can go to the Thousand Islands.There are several beautiful islands that you can visit, such as Tidung Island, Pari Island, Bidadari Island and Harapan Island. There you can enjoy the crystal clear beaches and white sand or go snorkeling and diving.

That is some of the things to do in Jakarta, hope you enjoy and try it.

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