Types of Indonesian Coffee You Need to Know

Types of Indonesian Coffee You Need to KnowIndonesian coffee is so reach. There are several types of it and we will explain it through this article. Basically, Indonesia is blessed because it is located in the place with good soil for coffee. There are several places in Indonesia that produce good coffee with different characteristic and unique taste of each. Some of them have been exported to many countries due to the great taste of them.

So, here are the coffee types of Indonesia.

Sumatera Coffee

Sumatera Coffee

Sumatera Coffee, by http://bradthenomad.blogspot.co.id

Sumatera Coffee is one of the most popular coffees around the world. The most popular one comes from North Sumatera called Sidikalang, Mandheling, and Lintong Coffee. The signature taste of coffee from this place is the heaviness and complex sense among other types of coffee in the world.

Some experts agree that coffee from Sumatera is unique due to the smell of herbs and also the earthy taste. The texture is smooth with strong aroma. The coffee is processed through two different ways like the dry-processed and semi-washed process. Since the coffee is planted on the high land with great soil contour, the coffee tastes really great.

The best time to visit Indonesia especially Sumatera is after January. October to January will be rainy all day long.

Sulawesi Coffee

Sulawesi Coffee

Sulawesi Coffee, by http://www.sulawesibeans.com

The most popular coffee from this land is the Toraja Coffee. The land itself is blessed and it makes the coffee grows really well. The main characteristic of this coffee is the strong taste with high acid level. This coffee gets high popularity among people who loves coffee with acidity taste in it.

Some people claim that this coffee tastes like the Sumatra Coffee. But the plant it different though. It has smaller and shinier beans. Even though it tastes a bit acid, it also provides the earthy aroma which makes the coffee has unique taste and smell.

Aceh Gayo Coffee

Aceh Gayo Coffee

Aceh Gayo Coffee, by https://steemit.com

Aceh Gayo Coffee is very popular in Indonesia. As the name suggests, this coffee comes from Aceh. Local community loves this coffee and it has been exported to several countries. Some of the best Arabica coffees are produced by Gayo Coffee. Even though the smell is pretty strong, the acidity level is pretty low, even lower than the Sulawesi Coffee.

It tastes bitter with creamy sense in every sip.

Bali Kintamani Coffee

Bali Kintamani Coffee

Bali Kintamani Coffee, by http://www.baliinspirationtours.com

Coffee from the Kintamani land has unique taste. It offers you the fresh fruity taste with a bit of acidity. The fruity taste is gained from the planting process. The coffee is planted along with other plants like various vegetables and oranges. The farmers apply the intercropping method to plant the coffee. This is why the coffee also absorbs the taste of orange.

Besides the fresh and fruity taste, Kintamani Coffee offers the light and soft taste. You really need to try this coffee for new experience of sipping coffee.

Visiting Indonesia will be a waste if you do not try the excellent coffee from each place. So, if you are one of the coffee enthusiasts, it is better to arrange your time to taste each of Indonesian coffee.

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