Tourist Spots at Central Java Indonesia

The cities which offering the best tourist spots are like Semarang, Jepara, Magelang, Solo, and so on. Those each destinations and tourist spots will be listed below

Tourist Spots at Central Java Indonesia

There are many tourist spots at central Java Indonesia which you can try to visit. Each place shows different charm of it. In fact, visiting central Java means that you need to explore the Javanese traditions from the locals. Overall, Java is the second place to visit in Indonesia after Bali, since you will see different attraction in this region. The cities which offering the best tourist spots are like Semarang, Jepara, Magelang, Solo, and so on. Those each destinations and tourist spots will be listed below.

Karimunjawa in Jepara

The very first recommended tourist spots at central Java is Karimunjawa. KarimunJawa is an archipelago consisting of 27 islands, but only about 5 islands can be inhabited and occupied, on the grounds that the plains are filled with humans and clean, sufficient resources to meet the surrounding community and also safe.Because of its form of islands, of course Karimunjawa gives the beauty of the sea and island scenery that form a good beauty when the sun rises or the sun sets.The archipelago was designated as one of Indonesia’s national parks in 2001 by the State. This boat is part of one of the districts in Jepara and is quite far away, which is 83 KM in the north of the main city of Jepara.The part of Karimun Java island consists of several islands or other plains. Among them are: KarimunJawa Island which is 4,302 hectares, big Menjangan Island, small Menjangan island, Genting island, Menyawakan island, Geleang island, Seruni island, Sambangan island, big Cemara island, small Cemara island, Burung (bird) island and last is Batu (stone) island. Visitor can go to this place by local ships from Jepara, or using small plane from Semarang.

Borobudur in Magelang

Located in Magelang city, Borobudur temple is the biggest temple in Indonesia. As the Buddhist temple, this place have spectacular attraction especially during Waisak day. In addition, this tourist spots at central Java has been acknowledged by UNESCO as one of the world heritage. It is because this temple have been pass through centuries and can still stand still in its place. During England and Dutch expansion to Indonesia, this place were never been destroyed. During the eruption of mount Merapi in Jogja, the ashes also covered the temple, but the locals cleaned it and kept it well in order to prevent from damage. Even the beauty of Borobudur have acknowledged by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. He have visited Borobudur once and capture the moment when he saw sun rise from the top of the temple. This place is indeed showing the best view of the surrounding hills and green of the nature landscape. Climbing many stairs here might be tiring, but your exhaustion will be paid by the beautiful view from the top of the temple.

Indonesian Railways Museum in Ambarawa

The next tourist spots at central Java is Indonesian train museum at Ambarawa. Some of the tourists might find it will be boring to visit the museum, but the fact, it will give you new experience to visit this place. With only Rp10.00 for the entry ticket, you can look through the story of train industries in Indonesia. There is also old locomotive which is the past it used for lodging the log from one place to another. Visitors can enjoy riding this train surrounding the village around there. It will cost you more around Rp50,000 but that will worth of the beautiful scenery of the nature. This place is really good place for capturing the moment and seeing the village with rice terrace everywhere. Located in Ambarawa, you can go to this city from Semarang with bus which will take around 30 minutes.

Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo

Dieng plateau is located 30 km from Wonosobo city, precisely on the border of Banjarnegara and Wonosobo regency. This tourist spots at central Java has many beautiful old temples laid out in the highlands of the volcano.In this place you can see the Hindu-style temple with beautiful and unique architecture. In addition, this tourist area also has a Dieng Plateau Theater that provides information keajadian nature around Dieng. This cinema is able to accommodate 100 seats, has a beautiful garden and very comfortable for you to relax while pampered with a beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountain range.The name ‘Dieng’ itself comes from the Sanskrit word “Di” which means a high place and “Hyang” which means the place of the goddess gods. You will see boiling mud that bubbled out, brightly colored sulfur lake, and thick fog enveloping Dieng plateau. Dieng area has many small temples named after the epic characters Mahabrata such as Bima, Gatot glass, Arjuna and Srikandi. It is believed that these temples were used as shelter pastors who spread the teachings of Hinduism.

Ngarsopuro Nigth Market in Solo

This tourist spots at central Java is best for those who love to hunt the souvenir and local culinary. Located in Solo, this night market only open during weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 19.00 pm until 21.00 pm. Asides for hunting local cuisine and souvenirs, you can also see the streets performance such as traditional dance and street musician. You can feel the vibe of local there, but don’t forget to stay alert on your belongings.

Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat in Solo

The next tourist spots at central Java is KeratonKasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat in Solo. Keraton mean palace of the local kings. Solo and Jogja are the only place in Java which still have their king. Visitors can enjoy sightseeing of local traditions and history of kingdom in Solo. You can also travel surrounding the area using the local carriage namely ‘dokar,’ which is a cart carriage by a horse. Close to this palace, there is biggest clothing market namely Klewer market, and you can shops batik and other fashion items in low price there.

Old City (Kota Lama) in Semarang

The last but not least tourist spots at central Java is Old City or locals call it Kota Lama in Semarang. Visiting this area in the night is the best since you can see the scenery of the area which have some old European buildings but blend with Javanese culture. The area is indeed still preserve since the Dutch expansion to Indonesia, and you can see the old building still standing right there. This area is very popular among youngster and you can try street cuisine and also 3D trick in this place.

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