Some Bali Cultural Things to Know

Bali cultural is one of the most famous tourism objects in the world. Yes, it is undeniably a perfect tropical island with all the beaches, scenic landscapes, and unique cultures

Some Bali Cultural Things to Know

Bali cultural is one of the most famous tourism objects in the world. Yes, it is undeniably a perfect tropical island with all the beaches, scenic landscapes, and unique cultures. However, although it is indeed popular, not all people know it well particularly the cultures. Of course, it is so important for us to know and acknowledge well how Bali is. It is particularly if we have a plan to visit this island in the near future. Here are some important matters you should know regarding Bali’s cultures. Check them out.

Traditional Houses

traditional houses of Bali

Traditional houses of Bali by

One of the traditional houses of Bali is known as Gapura Candi Bentar, it is a sort of entrance for a palace which is in the form of traditional house as well. it is made from stones of red and engraved using other rocks. Meanwhile, there are also halls located on the lefts side and they are known as the place for king to take a rest and conducting traditional shows. In general, the traditional houses are full of details and accents in the form of engraving as well as statues for ritual ceremony. Make sure to read all the instructions before entering the houses. There must be rules which one you can do and which one you cannot. Sure, as visitors, those are important matters to obey. Nowadays, the designs of house and building have been developed. The combination of them with modern ones can be seen anywhere.

Traditional Dances

Traditional Dances

Traditional Dances by

Sure, going to Bali seems not completed without enjoying traditional dance show. The dances are choreographed many years ago by combining the cultures, religion, and even mystical aspects believed by Bali people. Nowadays, Bali dances are still shown although the value is a little bit changed. It is still about culture, religion, and great philosophy for sure. But then, it also has entertainment value. The audience is not required to know the meanings behind the dance, they can just enjoy it since the movements themselves are indeed beautiful. there are some dances you should enjoy once you go to Bali; they are Panji Semirang, Pendet, and Kecak. Each of them has different purposes anyway. Pendet, as an example, was initially only used during ritual ceremony. But then, it is now also shown to welcome the guests. Meanwhile, Kecak tells about the story of Ramayana where a group of monkeys helped Rama to destroy his enemy, Rahwana.

Traditional Clothes

Bali Traditional Clothes

Bali Traditional Clothes by

This is something which is really interesting when we go to Bali. It is to see people there still wearing traditional clothes. There are extremely beautiful and elegant indeed for both men and women. Traditional clothes for men are in the form of materials to be bound on the head and another larger material for the pants. The upper part is just the same with modern clothes in which they can wear anything they want like shirt. Their appearance is then equipped by a traditional weapon named keris. Meanwhile, for women, there are two sheets of clothes as the skirt and the belt. So, those are some of Bali cultural you should know.

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