Kuta Beach Lombok : White Sand Beaches Like Grains of Pepper

Kuta beach (Lombok) is located in the southern part of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The beach is known for crystal clear waters  and white sand, combined with great healthy reefs which create an amazing view. In addition, this beach has a unique are no less with Kuta Beach in Bali. Where in this beach is also known by people who live in the city of Mataram as the Pepper Coast. It is because the sand comes in yellowish-white, the similar color found in pepper. Kuta Beach in Lombok offers 7.2 km of coastline that also has some hills and special hill that sits on the beach called Mandalika Hill. The name was inspired by traditional tale about a princess who jumped from the hill to run from the evil prince who wanted to marry her; the name of the princess is Mandalika. Today, the hill turns to be one of the best spots to enjoy the magnificent view of Kuta Beach Lombok.

How To Get There

Kuta Beach Lombok is not far from Mataram, the provincial capital of West Nusa Tenggara. Tourists just need to drive for 90 minutes. It is quite difficult to find public transportation there, which why most tourists join tour or rent car. The best route to reach the beach is taking the bypass access near the Lombok International Airport and driving straightly to the east. There will be directions along the route that can be used to reach the Kuta Beach. However, before reaching the beach, tourists will pass Sade village, which is the traditional village of the tribe of Sasak. The village offers traditional woven fabric that can be bought as a souvenir. There is also “nyongkolan”, which is a traditional ceremony held by the Sasak tribe. There will be thousands of people who join the ceremony. They wear traditional dress. Dancing and music are the main.


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Best Things To Dosnorkelling in kuta beach

Visitors are able to choose various activities after reaching Kuta Beach Lombok, such as snorkeling, sunbathe or surfing. There is also Seger beach, which is located about 2 kilometers from the Kuta Beach. Just like Kuta, Seger beach also brings the same coastline and similarly amazing views. Seger beach is well known among tourists who love snorkeling.

Food & Drink

There are cafes, food stalls, and shops in Kuta Beach but they are far from a modern sense. The only luxurious, modern building that can be found there maybe is just the Hotel Novotel. Though offering modern, luxurious accommodations, but Novotel is also adopting traditional architecture. Surely, they want to bring a better option for tourists who are searching for comfortable and modern facility among traditional environment.

The Local Culture

There is also the special moment in Kuta Beach Lombok that is unable to find other beaches, called “Bau Nyale”. This is traditional where Sasak people will enter the seaside for sea worms that can be eaten. The ceremony is so popular, which makes thousands of people from other countries and other cities come.


Kuta Beach Lombok brings something that could never be found in other destinations. However, when visiting Kuta, the tourists must be smart to bid, if they want to buy something, it is good to bargain at least 40% from the offering price.

Kuta Beach Lombok Gallery

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