Indonesia has 17.508 island with five large islands with an area of 5.193.250 Km². Indonesia also known as Archipelago (Nusantara), this is because Indonesia is composed of many islands in it. The total area of the country Indonesia becoming attraction for the tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Not a few of those who have plans to travel around Indonesia and enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of flora and fauna at each areas in Indonesia that they visit. All the vast territory that is divided into 34 provinces.

new maps of Indonesia

The Maps of Indonesia

Here is 34 provinces region of Indonesia and you can click to read about the heritages each region of.

  1. Special Region of Aceh
  2. Bali
  3. Bangka–Belitung Islands
  4. Banten
  5. Bengkulu
  6. Central Java
  7. Central Kalimantan
  8. Central Sulawesi
  9. East Java
  10. East Kalimantan
  11. East Nusa Tenggara
  12. Gorontalo
  13. Jakarta Special Capital Region
  14. Jambi
  15. Lampung
  16. Maluku
  17. North Kalimantan
  18. North Maluku
  19. North Sulawesi
  20. North Sumatra
  21. Special Region of Papua
  22. Riau
  23. Riau Islands
  24. Southeast Sulawesi
  25. South Kalimantan
  26. South Sulawesi
  27. South Sumatra
  28. West Java
  29. West Kalimantan
  30. West Nusa Tenggara
  31. Special Region of West Papua
  32. West Sulawesi
  33. West Sumatra
  34. Special Region of Yogyakarta

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