How to Plan Your Visit to Indonesia

Before you make any plan of what to do and where to go in Indonesia, you should familiarize yourself with the country first. You don’t have to read a thick guide book about Indonesia or articles about Indonesia in major encyclopedias

Crossed by the equator and consisting of thousands of islands with attractive beaches and natural attractions, Indonesia is always a great destination for your holiday. No matter how often you visit this country, there will always be something new that it offers. In this country, you can visit every individual Indonesia city that offers great shopping experience, every beautiful beach, and many other natural, cultural and commercial attractions that this country offers. If you want to visit Indonesia, you need to plan your visit meticulously. Being meticulously means you pay attention to the good and the bad sides of visiting Indonesia.

Interesting Facts about Indonesia

Before you make any plan of what to do and where to go in Indonesia, you should familiarize yourself with the country first. You don’t have to read a thick guide book about Indonesia or articles about Indonesia in major encyclopedias. What you need to understand is some interesting facts about Indonesia that make this country different from others. Here we have compiled some of the most interesting facts about this country that you should understand before you visit it.

  1. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population on earth.
How to Plan Your Visit to Indonesia

Istiqlal Mosque Jakarta

Although Indonesia is not a country based on Islamic constitution, it does have the largest Muslim population on earth. If you know about this, you will know how to behave properly when you are in Indonesia. To avoid problems with the locals, you may want to avoid wearing too revealing clothes in public areas, performing “indecent” romantic activities (such as kissing) in public, or visiting Grand Mosque or other houses of worship without taking off your footgear and abiding to local norms. Regardless, in general, Indonesians are hospitable and warm, so a small misconduct or any act that is considered offensive is mostly tolerable; however, as a foreigner, you might find it better to understand the norms than to ignore them.

  1. Indonesia has the world’s rarest and most celebrated flora and fauna.
Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island

Komodo Dragon at Komodo Island

Indonesia is the only country where Komodo dragon and Rafflesia arnoldii and Amorphophallus titanium thrive. Komodo dragon is considered one of the rarest species of Monitor Lizard and the biggest lizard currently living on earth. Rafflesia arnoldii is a species of lily that is regarded as the largest flower on earth. Amorphophallus titanium is also a large flower, but it is more known mostly for its pungent odor. If you are a fan of biological diversity and enjoy observing rare and endangered species that still swarm on the earth, understanding this fact will give you a clear clue of when and where to visit if you are in Indonesia.

  1. Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with coastline length second only to that of Canada.

Indonesia is an archipelago with five major islands and thousands more small islands, not all of which are fully explored. Indonesia has the longest coastline on earth after Canada. By understanding this, you will be aware if seaside excitement is what you are looking for, Indonesia is a perfect country to visit. Because not all islands in Indonesia have been explored fully, you can always expect something new the next time you visit Indonesia.

  1. Indonesia has many largest-on-earth things.

The largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, is located in Indonesia. The largest volcanic lake, Toba Lake, is also located in Indonesia. Indonesia also has the second, third and sixth largest islands on earth. One of the longest snakes is ever found in Sulawesi Indonesia. Guinness World of Records once awarded Indomie noodles for creating the largest packet of instant noodles on earth. If your purpose of traveling abroad is to discover the majesty of both natural and manmade wonders of the earth, you will be happy to understand this fact because you now know the right country to visit.

By understanding all interesting facts about Indonesia, the country should become more familiar for you and you will become more confident in planning your visit to it.

Indonesia’s Darker Side

You have heard many good things about Indonesia, but you should know that a good holiday plan is the one that also anticipates some bad things that may happen when you visit Indonesia. Here are some elements the darker side of Indonesia.

  1. Terrorism

Although Indonesia is considered a safe country for foreign tourists, terrorism is still an issue, though it cannot be regarded as serious as it used to be. Thankfully, the Indonesia government strives very hard to prevent terrorist activities from ever occurring again in Indonesia, including by banning radical organizations from operating in the country. Although it is safe for you to ignore this issue, it is better for you to mind your insurance and to keep important phone numbers when you visit Indonesia.

  1. Natural Disaster

Indonesia lies on the volcanic belt of the Pacific. There are active volcanoes in Indonesia and each is ready to erupt at any time. At the time this article is written, you may not be able to hike Mount Agung after arriving at the international airport in Bali due to the eruption that occurs there. Indonesia also had the biggest number of victims when tsunami hit the northwestern part of the country more than a decade ago. Before you visit Indonesia, be sure to check latest news about Indonesia so that when you finally visit this country, you don’t visit it at the wrong time.

  1. Scams

Indonesia is not a scam-free country. Scammers may bother anyone, but foreign tourists are often considered the sweetest targets. Scam is perhaps the most fearsome thing that you must be very cautious of. You may be scammed when exchanging currency, hiring a taxi, hiring a guide, hiring transportation (motorbike or car), buying batik and other types of merchandise, drinking local liquor (this can be dangerous as local liquor may kill you), and even when seeking help from police. In fact, even monkeys that roam around Uluwatu Temple are often regarded as accomplices for local scammers. Always research on the right price of everything and protect your valuables from pickpockets and those pesky monkeys when you plan to visit Indonesia.

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