Gamat Bay Diving Spot, The Best Bali Dive Site to Try !

Gamat Bay Diving Spot is the best dive site in Bali that we should give a try. It's like a hot potato among many divers but it gives lots experiences.

Bali is known as the god island because there are many things we can do there. Diving is the most popular activity in Bali. Many divers which range from beginner to professional tend to visit Bali occasionally because they would like to enjoy the beautiful marine ecosystem. Gamat Bay Diving Spot is the best choice to give a try.

Located between Toyabakeh and Crystal Bay. This one is being a choice for many divers to enjoy marine ecosystem in Bali. Though it is quite small it has many objects to see. Certainly, it could be said as a dream dive site ever.

Gamat Bay Diving Spot, The Best Bali Dive Site to Try!


To go to this place, we could use a taxi for safety reasons. There are also many online taxies such as Uber where we can use it or we can also charter a car, we could ask the online taxi drivers because they would be glad to be chartered.

We recommend to charter a car because it is really hard to find a transport there. Except if we join up with dive centers where they will handle our transportation.

How to Go There?

Hang on, we have to know that there is a requirement before going there. Not common people can go there except you have been received PADI open water diver. We will also be being selected before going there because that place is exactly for professional divers only. However, if there is a divemaster, everything would be alright.

To get PADI open water diver, it only takes 4 days. So, we could apply on any dive courses in Bali that has been cooperated with PADI. While we receive our certificate we can start to apply to go there.

By Dive Centers

There are many dive centers in Bali that we can join on their dive trip. It comes from various price which is between 800k-1000k. It depends on dive centers itself. By joining dive centers everything will be alright as we will dive accompanied by divemaster and diver medic. This opportunity would be very suitable if we are a beginner in this field.

By Divers Community

We can find divers community elsewhere both offline and online. We can form a team and ask to dive center in Bali to have a permit. We may need their assistance on going to that place but we do not need to pay divemaster or dive medic. However, make sure we have it on our team in order to make safe diving.

Why Should We Go There?

There are many reasons why should we go to Gamat Bay Diving spot instead of another dive site in Bali and we would list it below

Beautiful Marine Ecosystem

Gamat Bay Marine Ecosystem

Gamat Bay Marine Ecosystem (by

This dive site is rarely touched by human activity. It keeps this place look natural and beautiful. There are many fish, various reefs, and some slopes are completed in this place. However, we have to do deep diving because its water depth to view its beautifulness completely.

While we are on the bottom of Gamat Bay, it would be mostly sand, coral patches, and boomies. The interesting thing about this one is the colorful soft corals can be found almost elsewhere.

Rich Part of Slope

Slop is the most beautiful part for many divers because many fish range from the small one to the big one live there which come from surgeonfish, unicornfish, white-tip reef sharks, and turtles. Gamat Bay have many slopes on the surface, we could meet those fish without any difficulties and take some pictures of them to remain us how beautiful this dive site.


Gamat Bay has been known as the most challenging dive site because we have to do drift dive with an unpredictable condition. Make sure, we have to prepare our mental while diving in this place as sometimes we could be pushed to the surface because of its strong current. It would be nice if we have a little bit experience before diving here.

Find a Rare Creature (Sunfish)

It is almost difficult to find because of its existence that almost extinct. This fish is absolutely protected in order to keep their species. Gamat Bay not only offer beautiful marine ecosystem, rich part of the slope, challenging diving but it also offers an unbelievable experience to meet Sunfish. We could meet this rare fish if we are lucky as not every diver can meet this fish as it depends on the season itself.

About Sunfish

Sunfish is one of the rarest creatures in the world. This is the massive sized creature that is totally harmless. Typically, the weight is between 247-1000 kgs with 1,8 meters length for adult size. When we meet this fish, we could even swim near this fish because they would be easy to be friendly to us and their swimming speed is not fast enough which the average between 3,2km/h.

Sunfish at Gamat Bay

Mola-Mola at Gamat Bay (by

The Best Season to Spot

Sunfish have their own season where they would be more active and would be out from their hidden place. The season is between July-October. Do not forget to dive into that season in order to have a big chance to spot them.

Consideration Before Diving

Diving is absolutely fun. However, we have to understand its typical condition. Gamat Bay difficulties can be said as the difficult one besides its difficulties we also need to prepare our health condition and mentality. That part is the most important before taking a place on this dive site.

Based on many divers experience, this dive site has dynamic change where its condition can be suddenly changed without any predictions especially on the current level. It could be very strong and hard to make.

Things to be considered before diving in Gamat Bay. We must have at least one experienced person on drift dive because we will need a mentor on how to make it. A wrong step could make an incident even death.


Gamat Bay is one of a great diving spot to dive besides its beautiful marine ecosystem, we will also have lots experiences by diving on this dive site. Do not forget to meet Sunfish while we dive on this site, make sure we remember their season. Hopefully, this information could give a hand to choose the best dive site in Bali.

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