Things to Do in Mentawai Islands

Things to Do in Mentawai Islands – Mentawai Islands are located in the west of Sumatra. The beautiful beaches and the big waves are a few things that make this place very popular among the tourists. Surfers agree that Mentawai is one of the best places for surfing in the world. However, surfing is not the only thing you can do if you are in this island.

If you are visiting Indonesia, especially Mentawai Islands, it is important to blend with the nature because this will be an unforgettable experience. So, in this article we are going to show you several things you should do when you spend your holiday in Mentawai.

Going down the river

Going down the river in mentawai

Going down the river in mentawai, by

Actually, the river that should be passed is pretty shallow but pretty windy. We will pass the mangrove and palm forest. The driver of the canoe should be very talented in order to keep the canoe moves. Another challenging thing is going through the wrecked bamboo.

You will never have such experience in any other place though.

Extreme trekking

Mentawai Extreme trekking

Mentawai Extreme trekking, by

As we have said earlier, bonding with the nature is one of the most important things when you visit Mentawai. Besides surfing and enjoying the beach, trekking should be on your list. Mentawai still has the rural area and the only way is by the river. It is not the wise idea to visit this place when the rainy season is coming, since the mud will be the usual thing.

You will need a stick to keep your balance during trekking and be ready to lose your flip-flop.

Living in Uma

Living in Uma

Living in Uma, by

Uma is the traditional house of Mentawai. It is kind of a house that used by many people. It consists of the open veranda for the visitors and the bedroom for the family. Just like any other house in North Sumatra, the house builds by using pegs with tie-knot technique. The roof is using the leaf of sago.

Living in this house makes you bonded with the nature. The animals’ voice, the sound of water in the river, and leaves that scratch each other will be your entertainment. You need to be the part of this experience.

Cooking and eating sago

Cooking and eating sago

Cooking and eating sago

Sago is the staple of the local. Indonesia Independence Day does not affect or even change their staple. If any other place would eat rice as their staple, local community in Melawai still rely on sago.

They will take the young branches of sago and then be chopped for about a-half meter. The branches will be grilled on the fire. It should be cracked before you eat it once the cooking is done.

Swimming in the waterfall

Bat Soumang Waterfall

Bat Soumang Waterfall, by

Well, the high land of Siberut Island is not too extreme. It is about 500 meter above the sea level. The waterfall is hidden in the wild of Siberut. It is surrounded by the virgin tropical forest. You will never experience this kind of activity if you spend your holiday in other places. If you like the more extreme activities, you definitely should visit the rural place inside the Mentawai Islands.


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