Bunaken Island, Discover the Beautiful Things Around the Island

Find out all the information about Bunaken Island. See all the beautiful things and fun activities on this island such as diving and snorkeling..

We can say for sure Bunaken indeed is one of the most beautiful islands. The most activity to do in Bunaken is about diving. It not weird because we can see the pure ocean. So, everyone must want to dive into it to see the beautifulness. Bunaken Island also becomes the most favorite tourist object. For people who come here, they must see all foreigner walking around this island.

Bunaken National Marine Park Diving Paradise

Bunaken National Marine Park Diving Paradise

How to Get There?

Once arrive at Manado.  You can either take a Taxi or someone from the harbor pick you up (If you already booked a ticket). The only access to Bunaken only by boat. So, there is no other alternative. The boat available until evening, that is why prepare all your thing before you depart to Bunaken Island.

Book a Resort

The important thing you need to remember after arriving in the island is booked a resort. We know how you feel after you see the beautiful ocean. But before you jump to the main activity, you need to search for a shelter (resort). Bunaken Beach resort can be the alternative to choose. It is located in Pangalisang beach (Eastern side of Bunaken Island). From this resort, you can see the beautiful view of the beach. And the wind is really great, it will calm everyone for sure.

Bunaken resort, Pangalisang

Bunaken resort, Pangalisang

Fun Things To Do in the Island

Actually, the main activity in this island revolves around Diving and snorkeling, there is some fun activity you can do other than that. Now, you need to prepare the bunch of money in order to feel the greatest adventure in Bunaken.

Bunaken National Marine Park

If you love fish and another aquatic creature, this place can grant all your wishes immediately. If you love sightseeing, this is the recommended place you need to visit. You can see the beautiful fish swim around. To make it more perfect, you can see the beautiful coral. Do not forget to capture this beautiful moment with your own camera because you will not see this scenery regularly.

Siladen SPA Diving Center

SPA while diving is one of the lifetime experience where you can only try in this place. If you want to beautify yourself, try this one for sure. The service also really great. But, it is quite expensive. Like we said before, prepared a lot of money in this island is a must.

Take A Walk Around the Island

Walking around the island to see the people’s activity is really great actually. There is no motorcycle or car in the island, so you cannot rent it. You can only depend on your feet to walk. The breeze wind also makes you like in a different world. Not only you can feel the wind but also you will build a healthy body.

Rent A Boat to Tour Around the Island

After you satisfied walking around the island. The next stuff you must do is rent a boat and set sail to the ocean. If you come in dry season, you can consider yourself is the luckiest person in the world. Thanks to it, the water is more visible and you can see the inside. The scenery inside the water is really magnificent. For people who do not like swimming, this one is your only alternative to see the beautiful underwater.


When diving in Bunaken, there is two season you can enjoy the most. There are dry season and rainy season. For the dry season, the water temperature is quite hot. But, thanks to that, you can see clearly from underwater. It is a good idea for you who want to see all the living things underwater. The next, for winter season the water temperature is rising. It is quite cold, but for people who do not like the hot water, diving in winter is the best idea. What you need to be cautious is during winter season rain will come. Of course, the side effect is you can see the water clearly and it could lead to an accident.


The next activity without a doubt is Snorkelling. You can do the snorkeling by yourself but you need to watch out the current because if you are not a pro, it is quite dangerous. That is why is needed to ask someone who excels in this major or you can ask simple ask a snorkeling tour in your resort. Do not forget to go to the Shallow Coral garden. In there, you can observe the teeming reel life. Do not forget you need to pay an extra cash for the snorkeling set.


Dabu-dabu Lemong Restaurant

Dabu-dabu Lemong Restaurant

Bunaken is a beautiful place for sure. You can do many fun activities either with your family or friends. But, if it is about food, unfortunately, you need to go back to Manado. Do not worry, Bunaken to Mando is not that far. Of course, after you see the beautiful things, we sure you want eat a delicious food.

RM Dabu Dabu Lemong

The best restaurant if it is about fish. The grilled fish which served here is really delicious. It will satisfy your stomach for sure. The food which cooks here is fresh from the sea, so you can feel the difference with the usual food that you eat. The price is not really expensive. It is suitable for your pocket.

Rumah Makan Sop Saudara

If you miss soup which you usually eat in the mainland. This restaurant can satisfy your need of soup. Rumah Makan Saudara indeed becomes the best soup restaurant in Manado. The taste of the soup is top notch. For all people who come here, will not regret of the taste. They will come again and again to eat it.

Big Tree Café

This one combines Western and Indonesian food. There is also some snack which you can eat together with your family or friend. This is the best place for you to relax while eating. The environments also support it.


Bunaken certainly is the beautiful island in Manado. What makes it even great is the diving and snorkeling activity which makes all people remember the beautifulness of the underwater. If you are looking for a beautiful diving site, Bunaken becomes one of the choices.