Raja Ampat The Perfect Getaway For People Seeking Nature’s Gift

Raja Ampat is the best place if natural beautiness is what you are looking for. Check out all the details about Raja Ampat here...

 Raja Ampat The Perfect Getaway For People Seeking Nature’s Gift – Far away from concrete, conflict, and politics that happened in cities, lies a beautiful gift from mother nature called Raja Ampat. A place where we can forget all the burdens to experience the small scale of true paradise. Raja Ampat is located in West Papua province of Indonesia. Indonesia is the country to be visited if paradise is what we are looking for. It’s a country with lots of spectacular destinations that many still yet discovered. Like this Raja Ampat who have just been made famous a few years ago.

Raja Ampat, The Perfect Getaway For People Seeking Nature’s Gift

The exact location of this paradise is on Bird’s Head Peninsula on Papua. Papua itself is situated on the most eastern island of Indonesia. Raja Ampat means as “Four Kings” the meaning truly represent what this district offer. It offers four main islands (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool) and surrounded with other 1500 small islands around. Raja Ampat got its name from a folklore where a woman found seven eggs which four of them hatched and became the kings of those four main islands. The rest of the other eggs became a woman, a stone, and a ghost.

Indonesian Map

Map of raja Ampat

Map of raja Ampat

What Does Raja Ampat Offer?

For travel addicts, this paradise can offer a plethora of place and things to do. The main features Raja Ampat is the underwater world. The waters are claimed as the most diverse underway biota with almost 75% of the world’s species live here. Span for almost 9.8 million acres of land and sea, this waters home 540 types of coral reefs, 1000 coral fishes, 700 types of mollusks.

Diving in Raja Ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat, credit : http://cruising-raja-ampat.com

With such diversity of the underwater world, diving is the best and the main activity here on Raja Ampat. Prepare all kits for diving because the waters will give the ultimate experience of a lifetime. Swim together with all the beautiful coral fishes and if we are lucky, we can meet some sharks around. Besides all of that, this place will grant a spectacular landscape of both the sea and the rocky islands around. It’s a paradise for photograph hunters.

What Else Can We Do Here?

Of course, this paradise is not just about diving. For people who are a little bit terrified around the waters, there are some other activities that can be done like exploring the wilderness of the jungle in the main islands. If some of us have the spirit of exploring, get ready to be immersed in the jungle exploration of the Waigeo island, the largest island of the four. Waigeo’s jungle is still mostly unexplored due to its inaccessibility.

Waigeo Cuscus

Cuscus – Spilocuscus papuensis/ Waigeo island, Credit : Alex Brackx Natuurgids (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hb_E08jD9nM)

But, this does not mean that it cannot be explored. We can still do the exploration and this is the best activity to see the diversity of the jungle. Inside the greenery, we can find some of the rarest bird or even the only bird that could not be found anywhere else on the planet. The endemic bird which can only be found in this Papua’s jungle is the crimson Bird-of-Paradise. Besides bird, we can also meet with other living creatures like opossums, snakes, tortoises, plumed herons, and much more others.

If some people prefer an activity fueled with adrenaline, the rock climbing in Wayag will be the best one to do. It will take a lot of effort to get to the top, but when we reached the top, all will be worth the effort because the eyes will be pleased with the unobstructed view to all the Raja Ampat islands. Grab the camera and start taking pictures of the beauty of Raja Ampat rocky islands.

Wayag Climb

Wayag Climb (credit: http://www.dunialingga.com)

Fantastic View from Wayag Peak

Fantastic View from Wayag Peak [credit: http://www.dunialingga.com]

Once we feel that we have enough diving, exploration, and climbing for the day, meet the locals and get ourselves some warm hospitality of the Papuans. Usually, the locals will give us a traditional dance to welcome the tourists who have just arrived in Raja Ampat. We will be entertained by various Papuan folk songs like the famous Yamko Rambe Yamko. This song is about a war that happened in Papua long time ago. The song truly represent that the locals are high-spirited people. Through the song they share cheer to everyone.

The Accommodation

If we are worried about where to spend the night in Raja Ampat, we do not need to because this paradise will offers us some of the best place to rest. We can choose a resort or guest house, depends on the budget. Some resorts are located in the best spot possible, at the shore of the beach. This spot clearly is the best for people who want to enjoy the scenery of the sea and resting through all the night. All the kinds of the resorts come with a various price.

How To Get To Raja Ampat?

Long time ago, this place is quite hard to reach because at the time, Raja Ampat has not been famous yet. But now, since the flow of information is spreading really fast, the transportation to reach this natural paradise is getting easier. To reach this destination, there will be daily flight from Jakarta to Sorong with airline company like Garuda Indonesia, Sriwijaya Air, and Nam Air. All of the airlines can offer different prices.

The flight will be from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta to Domine Eduard Osok Airport Sorong, the capital of the Papua province. After we have arrived at the airport in Sorong, we are given two choices about how to go to Raja Ampat. We can choose either by small aircraft or by ferry. If we choose the aircraft, Wings Air will be the commercial airline that flies daily between Sorong and Marinda Airport in Waisai, capital district of Raja Ampat.


Marinda-Airport-Waisai, Credit : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/344666177704948217/

If we choose the second option which it is by ferry, there will be one that we can ride from Sorong to Waisai. The trip using ferry will be two to three hours and the cost will be less than using the airplane.

Ferry to Waisai

Ferry to Waisai [Credit: https://www.stayrajaampat.com]

Final Words

Raja Ampat is the destination that is a must-pick if we seek a living paradise in Indonesia. The heavenly scenery, lots of activities to do, and the hospitality of the locals making this place is truly a paradise that become reality. One thing that we must note is that carefully plan the budget because choosing Raja Ampat as the next holiday destination will not be cheap and do not let the holiday screwed up by over budget. So, all in all, come here for an experience of seeing the jewelry of mother nature.



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