It's a metropolitan area that saves a lot of history and so many things to do in this nation's capital.

Around 500 years ago Jakarta is a city that became the International Trade Centre. Originally the town was named Sunda kelapa, but a Prince of the Kingdom named Fatahilah attacked Sunda kelapa, where at that time the Sunda Kelapa mastered by Portuguese and Fatahilah changes the name become Jayakarta.

In the year 1619 the Dutch Government (VOC) colonizing and destroyed Jayakarta and renamed to be Batavia. At the Dutch government, development occurs on a large scale in this city, it’s not surprisingly if Jakarta still has some traditional Dutch buildings, such as the old town (Kota Tua).

Then in 1942, Batavia changed to Jakarta and inaugurated in 1966 as the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. From then Jakarta rapidly develops as a metropolitan city.


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Img header credit: Monas by Lahiya