Baluran National Park, a Little Africa in Java Island

Baluran National Park is the best place to go as we can do many activities such as water activity, adventure activity, education, and photography. it is also easy to get there.

Baluran National Park, a Little Africa in Java Island – Africa is known by the vast savanna living lots of animals. Located on Situbondo Regency, East Java Baluran National Park is a nice place to gather with our family or friends. The natural ecosystem encourages in this place. Usually, this place is mostly used for education, science, recreation, and even tourism.

Baluran National Park is called as a Little Africa in Java because it looks as a little part of the vast savanna in Africa. There are many beautiful sceneries in this national park to see. Besides its scenery, it also encourages a historical place.

How to Get There?

There many transportations that can bring us there. We will sort it by coming from the capital city such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali.

From Jakarta

If we come from Jakarta, there are some transportation that can be used such as plane or train. Make sure we have calculated our budget before choosing the right one.

By Train

Go to Senen railway station and buy a ticket to Sri Tanjung railway station. While we are there, we could use a taxi.

By Plane

To go with the plane is an easy thing as will not be complicated. While we land on Blimbingsari Airport, we can order a taxi to help us to go there.

From Yogyakarta

Lots people come to this place because its various cultures to see. If we are here, we could use both train and plane.

By Train

Go to Yogyakarta train station then buy a ticket to Sri Tanjung railway station. Then, we can use a taxi.

By Plane

Buy a ticket to Blimbingsari Airport, we might do a transit to Surabaya before going to Blimbingsari Airport. Once we are there, we could order taxi to pick us to Baluran National Park

From Bali

Thousands of tourists come to Bali every day. If we would like to learn a new experience we could go to Baluran National Park which does not really far from Bali. We do not need a plane to go there as we only have to go to Gilimanuk port, buy a ticket and cross the sea for about a half hour. It does not take much time.

Blimbingsari Airport, Banyuwangi

Blimbingsari Airport, Banyuwangi (by

Things To Do

Baluran National Park has lots of activities to do. We can do many things in this place which is still related to nature. However, we should not miss every part in this place as every second means for us.

Water Activity

What is the most water activity would you like to do? There are many activities that we can do in Baluran National Park which would be a new experience for us.


There is a beach called as Kajang beach where it is the best spot for many fishers. Nevertheless, we have to ask a permit to Bama resort in order to pass it. After we get a permission, we could go with a bike or maybe by walking.

Snorkeling or Diving

As the ecosystem is natural. It would be outstanding if we take a chance to snorkel on Baluran National Park. The price is not really high to afford or we may choose for diving activity but make sure we have to get a diving certificate before doing this activity to avoid unnecessary things.

Adventure Activity

An adventurer would not be complete without visiting Baluran National Park as their object place. There are many things to do related to adventure activity.

Exploring Various Animals

There are various animals in this place that we can meet. We could take their pics to be our collection. To explore them we have to go to Batangan, then we continue to Evergreen Forest and Savana Bekol. There would be many animals we can meet.


What would we feel if we camp which closes to nature? There would not be any border. Besides that, the night view of its scenery should be enjoyed while we are there. We can also make a campfire to make it our night more beautiful. We can play games or make a little party.

Enjoying Bama Beach View

Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Bama Beach should be considered as one place we have to visit. The white sand and natural coral reefs are really gorgeous. We could also swim there if we would but do not go too far as there is no border.

Explore Savana Bekol

A little Africa in Java is a great name. Not only the name but also the environment. Exploring a little savanna called as Savana Bekol will create an unforgettable moment for us by giving an outstanding experience.


After we enjoy many things in Baluran National Park, we can learn couple things in this place such the historical place and also various animals, especially birds.

Learning Historical Place

Along time ago, when Japanese colonize Indonesia, they create lots of cave to save their weapons or ammunition. One of the caves that we can find located in Baluran National Park. Spend our little time to visit it would be a valuable moment to have.


Consist of 180 bird species, we could enjoy watching various birds a long time. This would not be found everywhere as only Baluran National Park is the suitable place to whom who want to see various birds and learn them. We may meet a unique bird in this place such as Java Eagles. However, make sure we have to know their active time.


Its nature is absolutely a wonderful scenery to not be skipped. There are many objects that we can collect and save them to our collection. That is why many photographers tend to visit this tourism place because they would like to make a masterpiece pic and hunt unique animals that almost extinct.

Travelling Budget

Each traveler has their own budget. How much they would like to spend for consumption, cottage, transport, souvenirs and much more. This place is exactly the most affordable place as we do not need to spend lots of money.


Do not worry about our budget on consumption, by spending IDR 20k-30k. We could afford it to buy a dish but there are only local dishes.


The cottage price is absolutely cheap. We will not spend million IDR to rest here as it comes from various price which is between IDR 100k-400k.


All the souvenir would be free as there is no stuff that sells here as the best souvenir here is our picture collections which are totally amazing to show its animals and scenery.


Whenever our holiday time comes, we should book everything to go to this place. Baluran National Park must be listed on our next tourism target as it will give a new experience for us by enjoying the view, animals activity, snorkeling, diving, camping, learning and so on. There are many things we could not say one by one but we recommend you to give a try.


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