Observatorium Bosscha

Astronomic Fun Of A Graceful Landmark.

There is not a lot of ways to enjoy vacation whilst finding new things to learn that exist these days, but this tourist spot is an exception. Observatorium Bosscha is a unique way to spend your day off, where you can enrich your knowledge while still enjoying the surroundings at this hot spot.

There are a few rules that you must keep your eye on to fully enjoy this place, but if you really are looking for a ‘different’ kind of spending your day off, this is definitely your top pick.

Being one of the oldest astronomical landmark in all of the land, Observatorium Bosscha stood tall since 1920s, and houses about 10 functional telescopes to date, and one of their main attraction is the Zeiss Telescope, and it is guaranteed to leave you excited.

Destination Information

Official Address

Observatorium Bosscha

FMIPA Institut Teknologi Bandung Lembang,

Bandung 40391 Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Phone Number

Phone :022-2786001

Fax :022–2786001



Operational Hours

Family Visit : Saturday, 09.00 – 13.00, 09.00 for Session 1, 11.00 for Session 2, 13.00 for Session 3.

Group Visit : Monday – Friday, 09.00 – 13.00, 09.00 for Session 1, 11.00 for Session 2, 13.00 for Session 3.

Typical Visit Duration

2 hours

Things To Do

The one thing you should check out when you are there are the Zeiss Telescope presentation, where you will be shown the operational procedure of the legendary telescope and its functions, and also you will be able to know the particles of the sun by the projection of the Real Time Solar Telescope. Sometimes, at night, it is permitted for visitors to use the Bamberg Telescope which housed in a separate underground shelter.

The thing that you should watch out for is the sessions that is provided by the observatorium itself in case you don’t want to miss the complete tour. Every opening day there are 3 sessions available as mentioned in the previous section.

Among other things, the complex where the observatorium stands is also quite a view, and it is suitable if you want to do  a little photo hunting.


Telescope – Credit: yosefwiratmoko.blogspot.com

How To Get There

By Public Transportation

You can find the angkot that is directed towards Ciroyom – Lembang, and then you can get off on Setiabudi Road, or you can simply ask the driver to drop you off on Bosscha Intersection, and he will do so.

By Train

You can get off from wherever you are departing from on Hall Station, and then from there you can intercept the Hall Station – Lembang angkot and then proceed to get off at the lower entrance of the observatorium

By Bus

If you are traveling by bus, it is recommended that you are going to direct yourself from the Leuwi Panjang bus station, and then you can board the Damri Bus towards Ledeng, and from there, you can proceed to find the St Hall – Lembang angkot and proceed as mentioned above.

By Personal Vehicle

The best route if you are going by yourself is to start from Setiabudi Road, and then proceed to go towards Lembang, where you will pass UPI Bandung, and eventually you will arrive at Ledeng Terminal. From there, just follow the road until you reach the lower entrance of the observatorium.


To experience a good stay around Bosscha Observatorium, there are lots of choices, like Grand Hotel Lembang, a nice old hotel that will accommodate you nicely which prices start from IDR 505,000.

As per usual, Airbnb is still a great choice to explore your alternatives, where you can find decent places to stay such as Novi’s crib which costs around IDR 380,000 or Chris’ place which costs around IDR 250,000.

Nearest Tourist Attractions

Around the observatorium, there are a lot of places to enjoy, such as Lembang and its hot destinations, or simply just go downtown to experience the chic Braga Street or to roam around Cihampelas Walk to get a good grip of what Bandung really is.

Top Tips

  1. Keep a keen eye on the session times to avoid wasted times and also if you are traveling with your family, it is advised that you go on Saturdays.
  2. Bring your camera to capture the beautiful surroundings because it is a landmark with a good background, a photography enthusiast’s habitat.
  3. It is advised to go on by private vehicle so that you can move around the part of the town easily.

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