Curug Dago

A Hidden Haven Of Beauty

Bandung is famed for both of its urban life and also nature beauty, and there’s just so many choices around for the latter category – and this destination is one of it. Curug Dago is one of Bandung’s tourist spot that is filled with historical significance and beauty.

Integrated within the Dago Pakar Jungle and Japanese Caves to form Taman Hutan Raya (THR) Ir. Djuanda, this place is still considered untouched by many tourists and will surely provide fresh nuance to its visitors. The waterfall located in the heart of the park is the number one charm of its place, even though it’s a little dirtier now, but it’s still is refreshing.

This place has a historical tale behind it, taken back to the Kingdoms of Thailand, there are many artifacts and signs of Thailand Kingdom visitation all over the place. This shows that this place is really are beautiful since the 1800s which is the estimated time of the Thailand visit, until now.

Destination Information

Official Address

Jl. Dago Pojok, Dago, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40135, Indonesia

Telephone Number

Ph. (022) 02515895
Fax (022) 2507891

Operational Hours

Everyday, 08.00 – 17.00

Entrance Fee

IDR 5,000 (all ages)

Typical Visit Duration

1 hour for the waterfall, 2 more hours to explore the whole park.

Things To Do

To fully enjoy Curug Dago, it is recommended that you visit not only the waterfall which is the main attraction here, but also to visit the whole Ir. Djuanda Park that consists of the Dago Pakar Jungle and Dutch – Japanese Caves.  There are a lot of beauty surrounding the Djuanda Park, such as walking through the jungle to reach Maribaya, and to explore the mystery of both Dutch colonialism and Japanese Invasion through the caves.

How To Get There

By Local Transportation

To reach Curug Dago, you can access two kinds of angkot that is the main transportation in Bandung. You can either ride the Ciroyom – Ciburial one, or you can ride the orange angkot leaving from Dago – Caringin and both of them will take you directly to the entrance of the park itself.

By Train

If you are arriving from another city, it is recommended that you disembark at Hall Station. From there, you can exit to find Cicaheum – Ciroyom angkot, then proceed to board the green Ciroyom – Ciburial that will take you to the entrance of Djuanda Park.

By Personal Vehicle

You can access the map to see where you are from to where you are going on the map provided here.


There are many places to stay around Curug Dago, as Dago itself is a tourist spot, and one of their better hotels is the Sheraton Hotel. Being the franchise that is known throughout the world, Sheraton will ensure you a good service at prices starting from IDR 1,500,000 .

Another place to consider is The Palais Dago Hotel, which is a chic hotel that will provide you a service that worth the price that starts from IDR 600,000.

For a more flexible price range, you can check out Airbnb that provides you with some choices such as Saron’s budget stay that will let you fiddle with your budget more easily.

Nearest Tourist Attraction

In the central to north region of Bandung there are a lot of places that you can visit, such as Paris Van Java, one of the hip places in Bandung, or you can go a little bit downtown to reach Braga and Cihampelas Walk to do your urban shopping, or you can travel deep into the north to reach a more natural De Ranch, and Tangkuban Perahu.

Either way you’re going, you are guaranteed to have a nice time, so just pick the one that suit you the best.

Top Tips

  1. If you are looking to do some shopping, it is recommended to go to Bandung’s amazing shopping centre that is Paris Van Java, Cihampelas Walk or Trans Studio Bandung. The northern Bandung is more of a natural space for you to escape the city.
  2. It is recommended that you visit on weekdays morning, to appreciate its beauty a little bit more and of course to evade the crowd.
  3. The Dago Area is filled with amazing restaurant that you should check out, including The Valley and  D’Pakar Cafe.

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