Braga Street

Chic, Historical, Elegant, Embodied.

Nowadays, big cities can be defined by skyscrapers, business districts, and huge property complexes that may reinforce the term ‘concrete jungle’ on it, even the in-town vacation spots are monotonous, it’s either a mall or a park. But Bandung, as usual, successfully put something different on the table in the form of Jalan Braga.

There’s something romantic about the way everything is arranged – the narrow pathways, the ambient but alluring atmosphere, coupled with the sound of the Bandung crowd, it is truly an unique experience for travelers.


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Destination Location

Location – The Braga Street is located in the heart of Bandung, and it is strategically fitted between Bandung’s finest tourist spots, making it a must visit place that you won’t regret if you have the time. The whole street is the spot, because there is a whole lot of things to enjoy along your course.

Operational Hours :

  • Everyday, 24 Hours

How To Get There

It is easy to get to Braga from various points of Bandung, and it is reachable by almost every vehicle. Even though it is preferable to enjoy the Braga Street itself by walking, but bringing a vehicle around won’t be a bad idea either.

If you are using public transportation, you can reach this place from Merdeka Street using the angkot that is going to Hall Station, you can disembark at Suniaraja intersection then proceed to walk to Braga Street, and it will cost around IDR 2,000 for a one-way trip.


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Attractions and Cuisines

There are many enjoyable ways to absorb the magic that is Braga Street, and here are a few key places that define the art this street represents :

1. Sumber Hidangan

This old-timey restaurant is not the most exotic restaurant there is – but it is the embodiment of the soul of Braga Street. Its classic food, combined with the ambient of the surroundings will take you back to the time where it was all simpler, this restaurant is not going to be refreshing only for your body, but will also send you to a journey in the past.

2. Braga City Walk

This is a more modern, chic place where the youth crowd collides with the more casual tourist. This complex provides you with cinema, shopping center, kids playground, and cutting edge food stalls that is very amusing.

3. Braga Permai


Before Braga Night Culinary – Img credit:

Another Braga signature restaurant, this 1923 built restaurant is the home of a legendary dessert, the Ice Cream Braga Permai Paradise, which taste is known throughout the Braga history itself. It also provides you with main courses and local delicacies that you can enjoy.

4. Braga Culinary Night

Occassionally, at night, Braga will house an event that is Braga Culinary Night. This event will be flooded with food stalls that are exotic, tasty, unique, or all og the above, and it surely is an event that tourists need to attend in order to fully experience the magic that is Braga Street.


If there is a word that can describe the mixture of the complexity of historical significance, the elegance, and the tranquility the Braga Street provides, that word will describe this spot well. It is such a rare occurrence that this kind of place exist beneath the crowded city, and this sure is a place that is one of a kind.

Nearest Tourist Attraction

There are a lot of places within walking distance near Braga Street, and you can set up your own itinerary based on how you want to enjoy the city of Bandung.

There is Gedung Sate,  The Asian-African Solidarity Monument, Cikapundung Antique Store, The Merdeka Building, Cikapundung Riverspot, Soekarno Jail, and so much more that you can get nearby.

Top Tips

1. Refer to a travel website in order to get discounts for a place to stay. A discount will help your budget and maybe you can buy one of the paintings the local artists are selling on the Braga Street.

2. Find out the schedule for a local event. The Braga Street is the home of many events that will provide unique experiences.

3. Park your vehicle safely near Braga Street. Because the Street of Braga is not the widest street in Bandung, you can enjoy it more by walking through it. Park your vehicle and get moving!

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