The regions that will surprise you with the beuty of nature, delicious food, peacefulness, fresh air and much more.

Bandung become as one of most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia, it’s totally different of any other cities. Bandung is a blend of nature, strong culture and save a lot of history. Very suitable for both solo traveler and family.

Bandung city is capital of West Java, surrounded by mountains. Located above 768 m above sea level with highest point on north with altitude of 1050 m above sea level and on the south as a low area with altitude of 675 m above sea level.

You can see the scenery of white crater on Ciwidey, selfie at Tangkuban Perahu mountain slope, visit Situ Patenggang lake, play and shop at Trans Studio, plays traditional angklung and try local dishes on Paskal food market. If not convinced yet, you can explore more with below guides.

Places in Bandung

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