Culinary Tour in Bogor are Mandatory Visited

In addition to visiting tourist attractions in Bogor, visitors are also often culinary tour in Bogor because the city which is about 50 km from Jakarta offers cooler air from Jakarta, as well as interesting culinary Bogor. What are the culinary attractions in Bogor that must be visited?

Culinary Tour in Bogor are Mandatory Visited – As one of the cities closest to Jakarta, Bogor city is often chosen as a weekend destination for Jakarta residents and its surrounding areas. In addition to visiting tourist attractions in Bogor, visitors are also often culinary tour in Bogor because the city which is about 50 km from Jakarta offers cooler air from Jakarta, as well as interesting culinary Bogor. What are the culinary attractions in Bogor that must be visited?

Pizza Kayu Bakar Kedai Kita

Our Store is located at Jalan Pangrango Number 21 Bogor is not just an ordinary shop. This dining venue offers a unique culinary tour in Bogor by serving a wood-fired pizza menu. In addition, this restaurant also serves a menu other than pizza, such as fried rice, oxtail soup, chicken satay, cap cay, fuyunghai, kale, butter fried chicken, black pepper, tofu seafood, clam sauce padang, fried gourami, grilled tilapia, up to sweet sour shrimp honey. Burned using wood in a furnace, pizza at Kedai Kita offers tasty and delicious pizzas. The size of the pizza at Kedai Kita is quite large and consists of 7 slices of thin pizza sprinkled with cheese. The price of firewood pizza Kedai Kita is 60,000 Rupiah.

Pizza Kayu Bakar Kedai Kita

Pizza Kayu Bakar Kedai Kita, foto by

Lasagna Rolls

Located on Jalan Salak, not far from Taman Suryakencana, precisely next to Baked Macaroni restaurant, Roll Lasagna is a culinary tour in Bogor where the owner is still the same as Baked Macaroni. The food is still included in the family of pasta is indeed cooked by rolled using cheese, milk sauce, and also typical tomato sauce Lasagna Roll so it feels no doubt delicious. This Roll Lasagna consists of several flavors, including tuna roll lasagna, chicken roll lasagna, shellfish rolls lasagna, and lasagna roll beef. In addition to lasagna rolls, this restaurant also serves fried rice, pickled corn, salted fish, roll cake, sandwiches, bruschetta, cannelloni, salad rolls, seafood siomay, steamed rice, lead rice, tuna steak, and soup. A serving of white vermicelli mixed with boiled eggs and yellow tofu, is a legendary menu that brings Laksa Kampung Cincau spoil the tongue of culinary lovers, since the 1950s. Laksa, formerly known as Laksa Mang Ocim, is a mixture of Chinese and Malay food. Usually laksa using coconut juice given chicken broth. Laksa Kampung Cincau does not use broth at all. So it is with chicken meat that you will not find like laksa in general.

Lasagna Roll Bogor

Lasagna Roll Bogor, photo by


What is Bapatong? Bapatong is an abbreviation of a bakso kupat gentong which is one of Bogor culinary specialties that most sought after culinary lovers. The existence of Bapatong increasingly enriched culinary tour in Bogor choice. Culinary with a very evocative gravy is slightly different from other variants of meatballs. What distinguishes Bapatong with meatballs in general is the presence of diced ketupat dice and also diced ribs of beef in it. Coupled with beef broth, meatballs, vermicelli, yellow noodles, and dumplings, the food is usually eaten warmly ac companied by ice dower is very suitable for lunch. Ice dower itself is ice made from frozen coconut milk plus sugar and sliced ​​fruit and gelatin. You must try processed meatballs, ketupat, and barrel that there are beef ribs in it. Soak beef broth with yellow noodles, dumplings, and sliced ​​cayenne pepper, will further indulge your tongue. Due to the combination of materials that can warm the body, Bogor culinary this one is perfect to be your dinner companion in the City of Rain. The location of Bapatong is located at Jalan Pangrango no. 1, Central Bogor, and you can visit up to 9 pm. Prepare a sum of Rp17.000-25.000 to enjoy a portion of warmth.

Bapatong Bogor

Bapatong Bogor

Momo Milk

The theme of the farm that Momo Milk displays is very dear you miss when exploring culinary in Bogor. Since at the entrance, the nuances of the livestock life directly emanated from the interior decoration. Funny pictures that exist in this culinary tour in Bogor will surely love the children, adults will be satisfied with the panorama of the green park. Managers are very detailed in putting various tools farms around the park. Visitors really invited to feel the atmosphere of herding cows. Although it may be a bit hot because the room is designed semi-outdoor, this is where the best time you order a number of cold drinks that are ready to refresh the throat. Order the milk available in a wide selection of fruit, Nutella, green tea, and Hershey’s flavors. Enjoy yoghurt and a variety of snacks and play course that is very tempting. For one dish containing all three menus, you only need to pay less than Rp65.000.

Beat Beer

Beer as culinary tour in Bogoris a beer different from beer in general. When beer generally contains alcohol, Beer offered in Gang Aut Surya kencana does not contain alcohol and is made from spices such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and palm sugar. This drink is called Beat Beer because the process is shaken until frothy and foaming like alcoholic beverages and then served with ice cubes. In addition to drink at the location at a price of 3,000 Rupiah per glass, Beer can also be brought home at a price of 10,000 Rupiah 1 bottle.


Cungkring does not mean a tall and thin body, but one of the famous culinary tour in Bogor. Cungkring is the head of cow and gravel cooked with yellow spice, then added with peanut and lontong spice as commonly used on chicken satay. In addition, can also be eaten with rice mixed with grated coconut and tempeh. Cungkring Traders can be found in traditional markets throughout Bogor, or on Jalan Suryakencana, near Gang Aut intersection. If you want to enjoy Cungkring, you should come to Jalan Suryakencana around 7 am, because this cheap culinary usually sold out at 9 am.

Cungkring Bogor

Cungkring Bogor

Rooted Maize

The next culinary tour in Bogor is rooted maize. Generally, pickles contain vegetables and fruits, but not in the Root of the Roasted Syrup in the Gang Roda Suryakencana. As the name implies, pickles sold by a street hawker from generation to generation from 1968 uses sweet roasted corn as the main ingredient, not vegetables or fruits. This grilled sweet corn is then doused with chili water and vinegar, then given sugar to create a fresh, sour, and sweet taste. Usually Roasted Sugar is open from 9 am to 6 pm every day.

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