Best Indonesia Beach for All Year Long Holiday

Indonesia beach has been known as among the best and most exotic beaches in the world. With millions of tourists coming to Indonesia every year, the popularity of the beaches is definitely something that no one should doubt

Best Indonesia Beach for All Year Long Holiday

Indonesia beach has been known as among the best and most exotic beaches in the world. With millions of tourists coming to Indonesia every year, the popularity of the beaches is definitely something that no one should doubt. The reason why Indonesia has so many beautiful beaches is because this country is an archipelago consisting of five big islands and thousands of smaller islands. Surrounded by several oceans, the natural attractions of this country seems to be endless. This time, we will take you to the best Indonesian beaches you can consider visiting during your next holiday. Be ready because you will be enjoying the places so much.

Nusa Dua Beach – Bali

Let’s start with Bali, the most famous island in Indonesia especially among the foreign tourists. This island is located near Java Island and can be accessed from any big cities in the world. Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali is an international airport with many direct flights coming from various big cities in Asia. Among the best beaches in Bali is Nusa Dua Beach which is located 40 km from Denpasar. This beach is known for its beautiful white sand and scenery. It also makes a great place for peaceful holiday.

Kuta Beach – Bali

Only a few minutes away from Ngurai Rai Airport, Kuta Beach is located. It may not be the most beautiful beach in Bali but among the most famous ones. Kuta is located in the center of the entertainment hub so it makes the beach more popular. Only a few hundred meters from the beach, countless clubs, night bars, cafes and restaurants are located. During the day, the tourists flood the beach to do various water activities including surfing. During the night, they enter the bars and clubs for some fun.

Tanah Lot – Bali

Here comes one of the most famous beaches in Bali, the Tanah LotBali. It actually is not a beach but more of a temple. Located around 20 km from Denpasar, Tanah Lot Bali combines sheer human effort and natural beauty. In this place lies the small but majestic temple just next to the beach with crashing waves. Most tourists come to this place to see its dramatic beauty and beautiful sunset especially during April to November when Indonesia has dry season.

Padang-Padang Beach – Bali

Still in Bali, this time we will go to Padang-Padang beach. This beach was once unknown. Even until today, it is still not crowded with tourists which actually make it a great place for peaceful getaway. This naturally beautiful beach has big rocks in its surroundings and natural habitation of monkeys and tropical plants. This hidden paradise has its own charms and beauty. Its water is considerably calm so it is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. But at some seasons, the water can be higher that attracts surfers.

Dreamland Beach – Bali

Make sure to come to Dreamland Beach while in Bali. As the name suggests, this beach is a beach that everyone dreams of. Located in a hidden location surrounded by rocks, it surprises everyone with its beautiful white sands and scenery. It is a perfect place for sunbathe and relax though the beginner surfers can also enjoy the small waves for surfing. In certain seasons, the waves can get bigger and attract many international surfers. And, it is also very easy to find budget hotels or motels near this beach during stay.

Sawarna Beach – Java

Let’s move to Java Island and visit this beautiful beach in West Java Province. In the last few years, this beach has become more popular than before thanks to its beautiful white sands and rice paddy field view. It is dressed by crystal clear waters and rows of coconut. Thanks to its swift water that it makes an ideal beach for surfing especially the expert surfers. Spend a few nights in the beach resort near Sawarna for recharge and you will be at peace in the end.

Senggigi Beach – Lombok

With one hour flight from Bali, you have arrived in Lombok, another beautiful island that is just as beautiful as Bali. This island has countless beaches you will want to visit for multiple times like Senggigi Beach. It is a beautiful beach with gorgeous underwater scenery thanks to the colorful reefs. In this beach, you can also enjoy other hub of pleasures like great restaurants serving delicious local foods, souvenir shops and numerous entertainment venues.

Plengkung Beach – East Java

In East Java Province, there is this Plengkung Beach located in Banyuwangi city which is popular for its beautiful nature scenery and extraordinary waves. In fact, there have been at least 5 different international championships in surfing held in this beach thanks to its huge adventurous waves. Moreover, this beach also has white sands and crystal clear waters.

Parai Tenggiri Beach – Bangka Belitung

A bit further from Bali, Bangka Belitung Province holds hidden tropical beauties. In this province, there are many beautiful islands with dramatic views that will make your holiday unforgettable. Among the famous beaches is Parai Tenggiri Beach which is located in the district of Sungailiat. Its main beauties are unique green tosca water, various forms of boulders and luxurious hotels. Along the coastline, there are many great upscale restaurants serving great foods.

Kuta Beach – Lombok

The name may be the same but this Kuta Beach is located in different island, Lombok Island to be particular that becomes a part of West Nusa Tenggara province. What comes as surprise is this beach is actually more beautiful than Bali Kuta Beach. It has gorgeous white sands, underwater beauty and high waves for surfing. All these natural sceneries have made this beach the most popular beach in Lombok.

Pink Beach – Lombok

In an island near Lombok, the Komodo Island to be particular, there is this breathtaking beach known as Pink Beach. It is called Pink because the sands actually are pink. There may not be any resorts or hotels around but it actually makes the beach a perfect hidden paradise. Do anything you want in this beach especially snorkeling because this beach keeps beautiful underwater sceneries below its water.

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