Best Destinations Near Denpasar Airport

Best Destinations Near Denpasar Airport – Denpasar Airport, located in Bali Island, is the door to be tropical beauties that Bali Island has to offer. This airport has been among the busiest airports in Indonesia and Asia knowing hundreds of flights coming in and out. Once you land in this airport, you will see how beautiful Bali and that this island is your perfect destination for all year round. Near this airport, there are some great places to visit. Check out what the best places are and what you can have there.

Kuta Beach

Only a few minutes away from the airport, you can already arrive in one of the most popular beaches in Bali known as Kuta Beach. This beach is visited with thousands of tourists every day especially in high season. In terms of natural beauty, this beach may not be as beautiful or dramatic as Dreamland beach. But, Kuta offers additional spots along the coastline including luxury resorts, beach clubs and great restaurants. Therefore, you can be at peace and fill in your stomach with the best culinary foods this island has to offer. Here is another great thing. Kuta is free so you don’t have to pay for any entrance fee to get to this beach and enjoy its beauty. It is open 24 hours so you can visit anytime you want including in the middle of the night to enjoy the serene beauty under the moonlight.

Near Kuta, there is Legian, a particular area filled with great clubs and cafes that offer endless entertainment. The entrance fee to get into the clubs is very affordable and you can find so many kinds of drinks inside which makes sure you get to enjoy great nights.

Tuban Beach

Also close to the airport, there is Tuban beach which is also a popular tourist destination. In this beach, you get to enjoy chances of taking pictures of the beautiful beach with planes as the background because Tuban is really close to the airport. It makes the beach more thrilling. Compared to Kuta, Tuban is much quieter with fewer tourists visiting this beach. Therefore, you can be more at peace when spending time in it. There will be fewer restaurants and cafes in Tuban but you can still enjoy your time all day long. Of course, there is no entrance fee to be paid.

Jimbaran Beach

If you wish to enjoy beautiful beaches while eating delicious seafood, Jimbaran beach is your best option near airport. This beach is popular for its white sands and great restaurants along the coastline. You get to eat at the restaurant with sands on your feet and beaches in front of you. As the day changes to night, you can enjoy beautiful sunset while eating on your dine. With so many restaurants to choose from, you need to be careful because some restaurants may cost you a fortune. Therefore, it is necessary to ask for menu and price before ordering. If you don’t feel right at some restaurants, find others because there are so many to choose. Enjoy your time near Denpasar Airport.

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