Are you a newlywed? this is the 7 Romantic Things to Do in Bali with your spouse

Take only memory!!

The picturesque island in Indonesia, Bali is one place you can indulge in some of the most romantic activities be it beach sojourn, flying across the sky, walking hand-in-hand amongst flowers, romantic candle light dinners, relaxing at spa or even indulging in some adventure sports.

No wonder then, many couple head to the beautiful island to get married or to spend their honeymoon.

Here are 7 ways you can spend a special and dreamy time with your partner.

  1. Get Merry with Marigolds

A walk by holding your partner’s hand amongst flowers is the ultimate romantic thing. All you have to is head to Desa Belok where there are stunning marigold fields on the side of the roads located between Bedugul and Kintamani. Marigold flowers have special importance in Balinese culture as the golden hues of the flowers are associated with the Supreme God, Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Click your photographs amidst the gorgeous marigold fields and you will have your own postcard picture that will serve as one of the best memories of your trips.

  1. Go for a Leisure Walk on The Campuhan Ridge Walk

What is a better romantic thing to do than walk around green fields, quiet villages and beautiful surroundings? That is why, the Campuhan Ridge Walk is a must-do activity. It takes you through the beautiful rice fields, scenic villages, quaint huts and splendid villas. It is quite a dream, really. Capture these dreamy moments for your album and your friend will find it hard to believe that such a place exists.

  1. A 1000 Candle-Light Dinner at Samaya Resort

A candle-light dinner is the ultimate romantic moment. So, what about a dinner where 1000 candles are lit and there are flower petals strewn all over and there is a river flowing by with just you and your spouse and no one around? If you thought something like this only existed in posters, you should dine at the Swept Away Restaurant located at Samaya Ubud. The restaurant only allows one table at a time and hence book in advance for the magical dinner. And there is the diverse 6-course menu to make it all the more special.

  1. Dinner in a Cave

Enjoy a mesmerising evening out with a romantic dinner set in a cave at the Samabe resort located on a private beach. Indulge in a delicious 5-course meal with candles, and watching the sunset with your feet firmly on the soft sand.

  1. Fly Across the Sky on a Helicopter

Just fly like birds with your spouse aboard a helicopter and get a bird’s view of the splendid Balinese landscape with the beaches, mountains, cliffs, rivers, lakes, and fields. It is just like riding amongst the clouds with an eye on earth in the company of the person you love the most.

  1. Beach Strolls at Bali


    Photo by Thomas Depenbusch, CC BY 2.0

With so many pristine beaches, a stroll in the beach is the best way to spend some romantic moments with your partner. If you want to spend some time alone with the love of your life, head to the Gunung Payung beach. Have romantic dinners at the Jimbaran and Canggu beach. You can head to Tanah Lot to visit the famed temple along the coast. Visit the Tegal Wangi Beach for a romantic Jacuzzi or head to the Karma Beach to watch a movie on the beach.

  1. Create Your Own Souvenir

If you agree that jewelry is the best gift to your partner, then there is nothing like a piece that you have made by yourself, of course with some expert help. You will find many helpful workshops where in you can make beautiful rings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets not just handicrafts but even those made from silver. Preserve it as the symbol of your everlasting love for each other. That is romance, isn’t it?

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