8 Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia

1. Bromo Mountain in Malang

Bromo mountain is an icon of the tourist spots at East Java. It is actually an active volcano mountain, but when the stage is calm, tourists can enjoy climbing it and seeing the beautiful scenery from top. The climbing track in this mountain is quiet reachable, since there are many stairs from the base to the top. So it is very good for the beginner mount climber. In certain occasion, the local people of Tengger (the name of tribe who lived around the mountain) held some traditions and rituals. It will be amazing to look at the local traditions with their uniqueness. In addition, tourists can also try riding horse to enjoy the flat field on the hill of the mountain. This area can be reached from Malang, and then you can see through directions which will point you to the sites.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - Bromo Mountain

2. White Sands Beach in Situbondo

Situbondo is one of city in East Java which have some amazing tourist spots at East Java. This city might not be a big city and as popular as Malang or Surabaya, but the natural scenery and tourist spots excels more compared to other cities in East Java. Come to visit white sands in this city, and you can see the clear sea water with the white sands everywhere. This area might be very popular among locals, but when you visit it during weekdays, you will have the sensation of owning the beach as yours. From bathing and sunbathing, you can just have some great moment in the beach, while looking at the beautiful greens landscape around the beach. To come to this place, you need to have journey around 4 hours from Surabaya (the capital of East Java).

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia – White Sands Beach Situbondo

3. JawaTimur Park in Batu

Those who seeks for playful attractions among tourist spots at East Java, can try to visit JawaTimur Park. It is the biggest amusement park in East Java which offers different attractions and amazing rides. This place is not only will give you enjoy time with kids and family, but you can also try to visit unique house attraction such as cat house which displayed many kind of cats, and then glass house, which similar to labyrinth but you need to escape from the room with the glass showing your face reflection everywhere. There are also some natural living attractions such as bird house and even reptile house. After enjoying all the attractions, then come to the pool where you can enjoy swimming with the whole family. This place is located around 20 km from Malang city, and is very reachable and close to other tourist sites around Batu city.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - Jatim Park

4. Ijen Crater in Banyuwangi

Ijen crater is very famous as a sulfur producer and one of popular tourist spots at East Java. The beauty of the crater of ijen becomes the main attraction for tourists. Ijen crater is the largest crater lake in Java. The charm offered by this tourist spot is sulfur-colored lake tosca and also blue fire.The beauty of this one natural phenomenon should not miss you.Indeed, to reach the crater of ijen requires a 3 km climbing trip.But the sense of tired and tired will be paid if it has reached the crater that has blue sulfur color. This panorama can be seen at night until dawn. To reach the crater, must climb first approximately 3 km high, this will probably take 1.5 hours. The slope of the climb is between 25 to 35 degrees.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - Ijen Crater Blue Fire

5. House of Sampoerna in Surabaya

Sampoerna is one of the biggest cigarette industry in Indonesia. In Surabaya, there’s a museum for this cigarette brand and you can see the history items displayed in the museum. It can be one of the recommended tourist spots at East Java especially when you’re visiting Surabaya. You can enjoy learning how locals made cigarette from time to time, and seeing any kinds of tobacco used for the local cigarettes. In the end of museum tour, you can shop certain souvenir (not only cigarettes or tobacco). This place is quiet near with red bridge in Surabaya, and you need to travel for 20 minutes if you come from Surabaya Plaza.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - House of Sampoerna

6. Maharani Caves in Lamongan

Those who loved to enjoy the nature can try visit this Maharani caves in Lamongan. This tourist spots at East Javahave amazing stalagmites and unique rocks. This cave has a size of about 2,500 square meters, and is located in District Pacitan. The beauty of Stalactites and stalagmites in the Cave of Maharani increasingly radiated beautiful when the various colors about it. This cave also equates Carlsbad Goa’s curiosity in France and Goa Mamonth in the United States. For tourists who are interested along this Cave, prepared a convenient trekking path as far as 350 meters.Various supporting facilities such as a large parking area, toilets, and sellers of various souvenirs and culinary on the front. For lodging problems, there is TanjungKodok Beach Resort that you can make a place to rest. For those of you who are interested here, the entrance fee is around Rp 40.000 on weekday and Rp 60.000 on weekends and holidays. You can also use the passing tickets with Marine Tourism Lamongan for Rp 70.000 on weekday and Rp 100.000 for holidays and weekends.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - Maharani Caves

7. Papuma Beach in Jember

If you are visiting Jember, one of the city in the eastern of Java, there are many natural tourist spots you can visit, and one of them is Papuma beach. This tourist spots at East Javahave amazing scenery with the large white sands and the crystal clear beach. You will see there are many local fishermen sails near the beach during the afternoon. The beach is located in the village of Lojejer Wuluhan district Jember district. This beach is located approximately 30 Km from downtown Jember. So it takes at least 1 hour trip from Jember city area.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - Papuma Beach Jember

8. Plengkung Beach in Banyuwangi

Another beautiful tourist spots at East Javais located in the city of sunrise of Java, Banyuwangi. The waves in Plengkung Beach become one of the charm of this beach. For lovers, you can test your beauty by conquering the big waves on this beach. With its stunning natural beauty, Plengkungan beach is one of the favorite beaches in East Java. Plengkung beach is located in Alas Purwo National Park (TNAP) which is a national park located in the southern region of Banyuwangi regency.

Amazing Tourist Spots at East Java Indonesia - Plengkung Beach

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