7 Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia as Tourist Attraction

Indonesia is an amazingly stunning country and has many wonderful tourist attractions. Among the thousands of these sights, which one is most fascinating amongst the others? In this article will discuss the most beautiful tourist spots in Indonesia that you deserve to visit for the holidays

Indonesia is an amazingly stunning country and has many wonderful tourist attractions. Among the thousands of these sights, which one is most fascinating amongst the others? In this article will discuss the most beautiful tourist spots in Indonesia that you deserve to visit for the holidays. The beauty criteria we consider in this article are primarily natural beauty. If you are looking for further references about the location for your honeymoon. Here are 10 of the most beautiful place in Indonesia:

Mount Bromo

The location of these mountains do have stunning natural beauty. Mount Bromo is located in the province of East Java and became one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia. This phenomenon is of course interesting for nature lovers who want to enjoy the challenge to see Mount Bromo up close. The beauty of Mount Bromo of course no longer need to doubt. Besides having beautiful natural scenery and Cool Mountain air, the crater and caldera of Mount Bromo is also a most beautiful place in Indonesia and special attraction for tourists and photographers who want to capture its beauty. One more, Mount Bromo is relatively easier and cheaper to achieve than other tourist attractions in this article.

Lake Toba

As the largest volcanic lake in the world, Lake Toba is very crowded by tourists from various regions. Located in the Province of North Sumatra, Lake Toba has a majesty that emanates from its natural beauty. In the middle of an enormous-sized lake stands Samosir Island. The island is also formed due to volcanic activity millions of years ago. There are many related stories about Lake Toba, and in all these stories always end with the formation of the giant lake. Well, if you happen to be there, take time to listen directly to these legends from the locals. Samosir Island and Lake Toba are the heart and hometown of the Batak Tribe. You also can feel the hospitality of the villagers as well as know their culture. If you travel to Lake Toba from April to August, chances are you will be able to witness the traditional rituals and rituals of the Batak Tribe ceremony of PestaMasyarakatDanau Toba. It would be great for most beautiful place in Indonesia.

Ujung Kulon National Park

This place is very interesting, especially for photographers who like to capture the beauty of nature through their camera. Indeed, Ujung Kulon is renowned as a wildlife reserve for one-horned rhinoceros, one of Indonesia’s fauna. If you are lucky, you can capture the images of the rhinos in the wild. Ujung Kulon not only revolves around wildlife sanctuary and one-horned rhinoceros. You can find other beautiful and interesting places in this location, such as waterfalls and hot springs. A perfect location for a natural exploration as most beautiful place in Indonesia.

Lake Kelimutu

Lake Kelimutu may be referred to as one of the most beautiful place in Indonesia. How not, this large lake is able to produce three different colors are very beautiful, whose beauty is famous until the international world. In the seasons of Lake Kelimutu is at the peak of its beauty, surely can be found thousands of tourists from various countries trying to perpetuate the beauty of this lake. The color of this lake can change from the color of jade green, to black and horrible, then changed again into brown, even can be dark blue. This magical phenomenon of course increasingly add to the beauty of Lake Kelimutu as a tourist attraction.

Way Kambas

Just like Ujung Kulon, Way Kambas is a tourist park in which there are nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries for the typical Indonesian animals. Way Kambas is located in Lampung, one of the most endowed provinces on the island of Sumatra. This one of most beautiful place in Indonesiacan be called an adventurous paradise and an ideal “hunt” location for photographers. No one is wrong if Way Kambas is referred to as “Africa Continent in Indonesia”. This tourist park has hundreds of species of animals in it, ranging from Gajah Lampung, Sumatran Tiger, Rhinos, to a variety of exotic birds. Incredibly, all are left alive and walking in the wilderness of Way Kambas.


Who doubts the beauty of culture and beaches in Bali? Even so most beautiful place in Indonesia, many foreign tourists who know Bali, but do not know about Indonesia. Terror bombs, tsunamis, and other disasters cannot even make the foreign tourists and domestic kapok to visit this Island of God. Besides the beach, Bali also offers cultural tours and an exciting nightlife. Amazingly, you can enjoy all this in a beautiful beach and full of beautiful girls. The beauty of Bali Island even makes big stars of Hollywood vacationing and honeymooning in this place.Located to the east of Java Island, Bali is Indonesia’s premier tourism attraction that is well known around the world. Besides famous for its natural beauty, especially the beach, Bali is also famous for its unique and interesting arts and culture. Bali as a complete and integrated tourist destination has a lot of interesting sights. Kuta Beach is Bali’s most famous and most visited tourist destination because of its close proximity to the airport, its beautiful beaches, low cost, and its waves suitable for beginner surfers. Pura Tanah Lot is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which is famous for its beauty, especially at sunset.

Raja Ampat Islands

Tourist attractions located in West Papua this lately popularity is skyrocketing. In this most beautiful place in Indonesiathere are various things that you can enjoy, ranging from mountains, beaches, oceans, to the forest is still natural. Raja Ampat is an island in Papua. The natural beauty of the upper and lower seas of this place has been recognized worldwide. Raja Ampat itself is a large island, which surrounds there are small islands that are not less beautiful. If you want to enjoy authentic rural life and enjoy the food of the locals, you can do it too. Although the beauty is no longer in doubt, to be able to vacation to Raja Ampat required funds are not small. Plane tickets and transportation to this place was relatively expensive. However, I am sure you will not regret to enjoy the beauty of one of the most beautiful sights in Indonesia.

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