14 Facts About Indonesia, A Country with Thousands of Wonders

Facts About Indonesia, A Country with Thousands of Wonders, Facts about Indonesia, a country in the Southeast Asia may not be familiar to some people. Indeed, Indonesia is a big and great country. In fact, it is even considered as one of the best countries with beautiful natural wonders and beauties. With thousands of islands, Indonesia has more destinations for perfect holiday than other countries. But it is not all about Indonesia. In its historical, political and cultural aspects, Indonesia holds surprising facts that only few people know. So, to get to know more about this country surrounded by three different oceans, let’s find out the most important facts.

  1. Indonesia is the world’s 4thlargest country that consists of 5 main islands and thousands smaller islands stretching from west to east and south to north
  2. Indonesia is the country with the biggest Muslim population in the world but not Islamic governed country. It has made Indonesia very unique yet tolerant to other religions
  3. Bali is the most famous island in Indonesia as it becomes the popular holiday destinations for tourists from around the world thanks to beautiful natural wonders in Bali especially the exotic beaches
  4. As an archipelago country, Indonesia is situated in the Pacific Ring of Fire in Western Pacific which makes Indonesia having more than 400 active volcanoes. As a result, Indonesia experiences at least 3 earthquakes every day
  5. Indonesia uses Bahasa Indonesia as the formal language but there are over than 700 local languages in this country used by hundreds of different ethnics
  6. Island of Java has been known as coffee-producing island. As a result, there is slang word for coffee that is known by some people outside Indonesia which is Java. First coffee plant was introduced in Indonesia in 1696 by Dutch East India Company
  7. Japanese invaded Indonesia for three years from 1942 to 1945 during the World Word II
  8. Indonesia is considered as the second country in the world that has highest biodiversity level after Brazil
  9. Indonesia is also known as the 3rdworst greenhouses gases emitter in the world
  10. Indonesia is the largest nutmeg producer in the world. Nutmeg is a native plant to an island known as Banda island
  11. There are still millions of Indonesian people who earn less than $2 a day although Indonesia has already become a member of the G20 group
  12. Many Indonesians are considered superstitious people. Some of them believe in latah which makes women reacting to certain noise by saying foul language. Indonesians also believe that latah in contagious which means one can start developing this habit if they often interact with other people having latah
  13. One word in English known as “ketchup” actually comes from Indonesian word “kecap” which means sweet soy sauce
  14. Here is one of the facts about Indonesia.Indonesia has the largest volcanic lake in the world known as Lake Toba. It is located in Sumatra and it was created due to super volcanic eruption happened around 70.000 years ago. Today, Lake Toba is among the most favorite tourism destinations visited by both local and international tourists.

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