10 Fun Things to Do In Indonesia

Indonesia has so many interesting places to visit, from west to east we can find and see the beauty of nature, whether it is at sea, beach, forest, mount, hill, river, lake or others. Besides of nature, Indonesia is also rich in culture and the historical heritage that makes so many tourists interested and curious to visit.

If you have a plan to vacation or visiting Indonesia, you may need the below advice as a reference “10 fun things to do in Indonesia” to get fun activities and you will get memorable experience if able to going there. Check it out!

1. Diving in Bunaken National Marine Park

Diving Bunaken-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


Bunaken is the name of an underwater national park in Manado. Manado itself is located in eastern Indonesia, which united with the big island of Sulawesi. In an island with 8.08 KM in a bay of Manado, you can dive in twenty dive spot. In there you can see the beauty of underwater paradise, moreover you will see in underwater great walls or hanging walls. That is the reefs giant wall that curved upward, that also as a source of food by marine animals that are there. Bunaken is one of the best places in the whole world to see underwater parks such as coral reefs, sea animals, sea grass and other sea creatures. Snorkelling and scuba diving is the best activities to do in Bunaken.

2. Sunbathing on Kuta Beach

Kuta is the one of a beach in the southern part of the island of Bali. The island was once used as a filming location for the Hollywood movie titled “Eat, Pray, Love”, starring with Julia Roberts.Sunbathe among the White sand and Sunset were famous in this beach. Moreover, the Hindu culture also makes an attraction for the foreigner tourist who will visit Kuta.

sunbathe kuta bali-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


In addition, you will also be pampered with a wide range of facilities on the beach like a surfboard, shout out loud in a banana boat, fly free in the air around the Kuta Beach drawn by a speed boat.

3. Climbing To Mount Rinjani

Further and still in eastern of Indonesia, the name is the island of Lombok. Lombok Island is a close neighbor of Bali island, there are a lot of natural sceneries that is the unbeatable beauty. One of the beauties of nature that must be explored  is Mount of Rinjani.

Climbing mount rinjani-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


This mountain has a height of 3726 meters above the sea level and this mount is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. It is amazing if you could climb up to the top and enjoy the natural beauty and scent of heaven in along of the way. There is one of the best break places during your journey to the peak is Segara Anak Lake. You can swim in the lake before continue your trip.

4. Seeing Sunrise at Mount Sikunir

Sikunir is one of the three highest hills in Dieng. Dieng is a village in  the middle part of Java islands. Dieng village is also called “A Land above The Clouds”. So called because you will really get to enjoy the clouds around under the roads that meandering climb all the way to go to Dieng.

sunrise in sikunir mount-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


Especially if you go to the peak of the hills of Sikunir, you will absolutely stunned and speechless due to the beauty of the way to go there and by the scenery of sunrise. It really will be one of the best sunrises that ever existed in the world,  it is the things highly-awaited of the traveller.

5. Looking at the Ancient and Rare Animals in Komodo Island

Next to an island where a lot of the rare animals, there was an island called Komodo. This island is one of the animal sanctuary made by the local government because there lived ancient animal habitats that have been discovered since 1910, the beast is the Komodo dragon.

komodo island-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


Komodo has a weight is about 70 KGS with an average body length of 4 meters. This giant lizard is the ultimate predators in the habitat of Komodo islands. Although it has a great body and dragged, but Komodo has a running speed of 20 kilometers per hour, it was also able to dive as deep as 5 meters into the sea and It has a nice smell of the meat prey as far as 10 kilometers. You should really at the right distance when you see it and make sure there are tour guides who accompany you.

6. Hold the Hand of Buddha at the Biggest Stupa in Borobudur Temple

In Central Java, precisely in the northern province of Yogyakarta, there is a Buddhist temple called the temple of Borobudur. In the giant temple that you can climb up to the top use the ladder and get around on each floor which there are relief paintings that tell about various stories of god.

10 fun things to do in Indonesia-borobudur temple


Very nice also if you can reach the peak and to hold the hand of Buddha which is in the largest stupa in the top of the temple. According to the stories, by holding the Buddha’s hands all your wishes will be achieved. That was what trusted by the people around there. Believe it or not, you must try it because it is a very challenging and difficult thing to do. It because of the distance of the Buddha’s hand with a circle of the stupa is about 1-2 meters.

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7. Tour by Riding Andong at Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is one of provinces in Indonesia with most tourist destinations and the most visited on the island of Java. Yogyakarta has culture inhabitants which are fused into a deep ethnic structure and being a very friendly city. In addition, Yogyakarta, is very well known as a city of art. Also,  there are plenty of delicious food and unique souvenir shops that you can visit and look around there.

andong-sunrise in sikunir mount-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


When traveling around the city of Yogyakarta don’t miss to ride a traditional transportation Andong, it is like a pedicab that pulled by a horse. By riding it and enjoy touring the city, you will really feel the soul of life in Indonesian people like as simple, friendly and cheerful.

8. Shopping in Bali: JOGER!

Joger is a souvenir shop that became one of the obligatory tourist must-visit when you are in Bali. There you will find a variety of funny words and uniquely. As well as a variety of Balinese and Indonesian goods such as various woven bamboo, a variety of Balinese and Indonesian sculptures, various shirts with Bali and Indonesia words, and many more! Also, you can bring Joger as your souvenirs.

joger-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


There are various options of Joger souvenirs with a variety of prices that suit your pocket. Clearly, all sold there are exclusive and are not sold elsewhere because of Joger Souvenir Center is just have two stores in Bali.

9. Say Hello to The dolphins in the Kiluan Island

Kiluan Bay on the island of Kiluan is located in a province of Lampung, South of Sumatra. There, you will be greeted with a parade of dolphins which are so many and entertaining. The best time to visit the island Kiluan is when April to September and do not visit it at the time of the rainy season because it would complicate access to it. You can touch and give the dolphins food from the boat, with rent boat prices about USD $ 50.

dolphin kiluan-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


Moreover, you can also having fun with do diving and snorkeling there. Also, You can look cool underwater splendor and unspoiled. Don’t forget to buy food and souvenirs typical of Kiluan Island.

10. Snorkeling in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is known as the best place for diving and snorkeling in Indonesia! Because, there you will be presented with the blue and crystal clear sea water and a view of the small islands are charming. You can greet clownfish, stingrays and a variety of the pretty coral reef in the waters there. You can get the snorkel equipment that is already provided by some of the rental services or you can bring it by your own.

raja ampat snorkeling-10 fun things to do in Indonesia


In addition to the charm and sea waters, Raja Ampat also has a beautiful scenery along the way to snorkel locations. You will be greeted with typical thatched houses of Papua and friendliness of its people around who helps you to find the best spot so you can enjoy your tour.

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