Bandung Grand Mosque

A Landmark That Defines The Heart of Bandung.

The heart of Bandung is full of attractions that reflects the soul of the capital of West Java Province itself, and one of its diamond of Bandung’s crown jewel is The Bandung Grand Mosque. The mosque that is located in the center of a preserved synthetic meadow is a pinnacle of religious touring.

From its beautiful Arabian architecture, the Bandung city center surrounding it, to the scenic view of Bandung that is visible at night from the top of this mosque, Bandung Grand Mosque really captures the meaning of Bandung and it also is a landmark that represents sophisticated beauty found nowhere else.

Destination Information

Location – The Grand Mosque of Bandung is located near the city center or alun-alun, making it the heart of the city itself and it means easy access and a lot of ways to get here.

Quality time is ensured with the spectacular view of this architectural miracle, and you won’t miss your prayer time because what is a more suitable way of enjoying this mosque rather than to pray inside it?

At night, you are permitted to reach the top of this mosque to enjoy the view of Bandung and its lights and surroundings, and if you’re lucky you can even spot Tangkuban Perahu Mountain from here.


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  • Jl. Asia Afrika, Balonggede, Regol, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40251, Indonesia

Fees and Admissions:

  • Adult   : IDR 3,000
  • Kids    : IDR 2,000

Operating Hours:

  • Everyday for 24 hours.

How To Get There

It is quite easy to get to The Grand Mosque of Bandung because it literally is located in the real center of Bandung and its main roads, so there are a few means of transportation available to use.

If you are traveling by public transportation, it is recommended that you depart from the Leuwipanjang terminal,  and then you can board the Damri Bus designated to Cicaheum, and you can disembark right in front of the Grand Mosque itself.

From the Cicaheum terminal, all you have to do is to find the same Damri Bus that is designated for Leuwipanjang, and then you can get off in front of Grand Mosque,too.

From the Hall Station, you can use the number 12 green angkot designated for St Hall – Gedebage and then get off right on the entrance of the Grand Mosque complex, or if you are traveling from the Kiaracondong Train Station, you can find an angkot that is going to Cicadas, then get off at Jalan Jakarta, and you can change angkot to the one going to Leuwipanjang, then repeat the same steps mentioned above.

From the airport, it is recommended that you use the local ojek to Hall Station, and then you can repeat the same steps mentioned in the previous paragraph.


Asia Afrika Road where the Grand Mosque stands is actually the protocol road of Bandung and it is the area that is most crowded, so it is easy to find a place to stay nearby.

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Nearest Tourist Attractions

1. Braga Street

This historical narrow street will take you back to the time when everything was simple – and yet its still beautifully haunting. You need to experience Bandung from Braga’s point of view.

2. Cihampelas Walk

The hottest shopping center in Bandung, it is also houses a great vibe that will help you relax, even though you will surely blend with the local crowd, but this is a place worth checking out.

3. Gedung Sate

A building back from the colonial ages, this spot is for you who want to know the mystics and the past of Bandung, and it is also one of an architectural beauties in Bandung, a perfect place for a photo hunting.

Top Tips

  1. Because it is usually very crowded, it is recommended that you always keep watch of your belongings, and bring yourself a mat if you want to sit down in the grass.
  2. Only by paying IDR 3,000, you can enjoy Bandung’s ultimate view from the top of the mosque. It definitely is worth to check out.

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